Love Won: A Film Chronicling The Fight for Marriage Across the South


love won

From 2011-2015 more than 200 couples applied for marriage licenses across the South as part of the WE DO Campaign. They were all denied. This is their story.

The WE DO Campaign launched in 2011 in a church basement in Asheville, NC. The concept was simple: LGBT couples would apply for, and be denied, marriage licenses in their hometowns all across the South.We were telling a story about what it means to be LGBT in the South. To be proud to call this place home. To face discrimination every day. And to be ready to fight for equality.

The Supreme Court marriage victory on June 26, 2015 changed our country. That decision was born out of decades of work in the courts, in the legislatures, and in the streets of our hometowns. In the South, one part of that story was the people who took a stand with the WE DO Campaign.

Film Details:

The film’s Director, Ryan Murdock, is the award winning filmmaker of Bronx Obama.

The film was released in Asheville on June 26, 2016. The next public film screening will take place in Hickory, NC on September 14 as part of Catawba Valley Pride. More details coming soon!

If you are interested in a screening in your community please email Lindsey at

DVD copies are currently in production and are available to order here.


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