First 100+ Days: Rapid Response in the LGBTQ South

Our Rapid Response Initiative will run from December 2016 – July 2017 and focus on responding to increasing threats and the  chaos of our new political climate. Our work is guided by this question: How can we best serve LGBTQ Southerners and stand shoulder to shoulder with other communities under attack? We are providing direct services and resources to help LGBTQ Southerners protect their rights and health; and taking part in ongoing political mobilization to oppose regressive federal civil rights policies and laws.

Direct Services

  • If you experience discrimination or an act of violence, you can report it here and our team will respond to offer support and resources.
  • Our team offers an ongoing series of free Pop Up Clinics focused on immediate steps LGBTQ Southerners can take to protect their legal rights, health and safety. Topics include name changes, adoption and navigating your transition. From  December to February, we ran 14 clinics across the South focused on name changes, adoption and health care enrollment. We recently launched a new series of “Protect Yourself” clinics to address safety issues. Led by and for transgender folks, our new series of “Protect Yourself” clinics feature a self defense class, training in using pepper spray and safety apps, and HIV testing and counseling. We’ll be running 14 clinics across NC, SC, GA, TN and AL. Click here for the schedule and updates.
  • Through our Digital LGBTQ Rights Toolkit, we offer information about how to protect your rights and receive immediate help when you need it. We also host an online mapping system that tracks hate-related incidents.
  • Our Rapid Response Legal Team includes lawyers, paralegals and interpreters who stand ready to respond to civil rights violations. Contact


Throughout the first 100 days of the new administration, our team is organizing to resist regressive policies that target LGBTQ Southerners and the communities we stand in alliance with, including those fighting for racial justice, immigration rights, religious freedom and tolerance, and economic justice. Join us – from turning out for the Women’s March on Asheville to hosting a phone bank to oppose the nomination of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General to supporting a new Sanctuary Movement in Asheville, NC.

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