TurnOUT Asheville

TurnOUT Asheville is a coalition of human rights organizations working to increase voter turnout and to advocate for City policies that promote and protect human rights in Asheville. TurnOUT Asheville is comprised of non-partisan organizations. This growing coalition currently includes Asheville Buncombe NAACP, Blue Ridge Pride Center, Campaign for Southern Equality, Equality NC Foundation, and Tranzmission

Asheville has a history of striving to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all people.  In our current political climate, many communities, including immigrants, LGBTQ people and women, are being targeted by animus-driven state and federal policies that restrict civil rights or access to basic services. For example, Senate Bill 2 (2015), House Bill 2 (2016) and House Bill 142 (2017) are three recent state laws that target the LGBTQ community in particular for discrimination.

We believe that progressive cities in North Carolina have a crucial role to play in protecting and advancing human and civil rights. Given this, we now ask Asheville to take the next step and to adopt a Human Rights Ordinance to protect its residents from discrimination.


TurnOUT Asheville approaches civil rights through a human rights framework and is growing to include partner organizations focused on racial justice and equity, economic justice, immigration rights, and women’s rights among other issues.

Local LGBTQ advocacy groups started TurnOUT Asheville in 2017, building on many years of collaborative work including the passage of Asheville’s Equality Resolution in 2011 and, more recently, a drumbeat of advocacy to oppose North Carolina’s SB2, HB2 and HB142 (laws which target the LGBTQ community for discrimination) and to call for Asheville to pass pro-LGBTQ policies. On October 25th, 2017, all six candidates for Asheville City Council took part in a TurnOUT Asheville forum focused on LGBTQ issues. Watch the full video here.