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CSE Statement on Safety Issues and Risk Awareness
CSE’s places a high priority on the safety of all participants in the our work, including the WE DO Campaign and the Hometown Organizing project, and also recognizes that there can be some risks associated with being an out LGBT person or ally in our current legal and social climate. We strongly encourage all participants to complete a WE DO training, where safety issues and risk awareness are addressed. We also encourage all participants to reflect on how participation in a public WE DO action could impact personal relationships, employment, and housing, and make an informed decision about participation.  By attending a CSE action, participants recognize that – while we all will work to keep each other safe – there are elements outside CSE’s control, including but not limited to the actions of third parties, acts of God, natural disasters, and weather.  Participants acknowledge and understand that they are assuming any and all risks associated with participation in a WE DO event. Your presence at the actions acknowledges your assumption of risk. Additionally, CSE does not have control over outside media so your presence indicates your consent to having your photo taken.