Supportive Schools

Making your school safe and welcoming for LGBTQ students

The Campaign for Southern Equality’s Inclusive Schools Project offers training, support and policy advice to public, private and charter schools across the South that are interested in becoming more safe, welcoming and inclusive for LGBTQ students. We recommend a ‘whole student, whole school’ approach: rather than looking only at one controversial topic, like bathrooms, or treating LGBTQ students as a ‘special needs’ population, we help schools develop a policy framework, physical space, and school culture that invite students of all gender and sexual identities to become their full, authentic selves.

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Supportive Schools 101

This 2-3 hour introductory training offers teachers the basics on developing a more inclusive classroom and school. We’ll cover terms and definitions around gender and sexual identity, offer guidance for doing a classroom culture assessment, and best practices for supporting LGBTQ children and youth.

Advanced Training on Building Supportive Schools

This 1-2 day training is targeted at administrators, counselors, social workers, and others who play a strong role in developing policies and procedures, shaping school culture, or working intensively with LGBTQ youth. We will go more deeply into the content of Inclusive Schools 101, and also explore questions of school policies and practices, working with families, complying with state and federal laws, and promoting an inclusive school culture.

Policy Development

CSE staff are available to assist schools and school districts with developing policies and procedures to make their schools more gender inclusive and comply with state and federal laws. We can provide you with best practices, share sample policies, and put you in contact with administrators from other school districts that have effectively implemented inclusive policies and procedures.

Support for GSA’s, PTO’s, and local LGBTQ organizations

Sometimes the energy for making a more inclusive school comes from students, parents, teachers or community members. The CSE staff team would be glad to talk with your group about your goals and ideas, provide guidance on organizing and advocacy, share information and resources, and possibly even provide some funding through our Southern Equality Fund.


CSE provides consulting and training to schools on a sliding scale basis. As a non-profit organization, we know that every dollar matters, and only charge to cover our own staff and travel expenses. At the same time, our mission matters more than money, and we will do everything we can to work with a school that is committed to becoming more safe, inclusive and welcoming for their LGBTQ students.