HB 1523: ADF Affidavit and Exhibits

“HB 1523 was drafted by the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), was promoted by the ADF and other conservative Christian groups, and that, as a result, HB1523 improperly and unconstitutionally reflects the sectarian Christian values of these organizations.” – Roberta Kaplan

On July 21, our legal team filed an affidavit from lead counsel Roberta Kaplan documenting the findings of a public records request to Governor Phil Bryant regarding HB 1523 and the role that the Alliance Defense Fund played in authoring, promoting and passing the law. The ADF is a leading actor in the national anti-LGBT movement and works across the country to pass legislation that targets LGBT people. Read Washington Post coverage of the new filings here.

Ms. Kaplan’s affidavit can be found here and documents how the ADF and collaborating organizations conceived of HB 1523 as part of a national strategy to pass anti-LGBT laws based on religious exemptions; ghost wrote Governor Bryant’s signing statement; and ran a media campaign to support the law that used incendiary rhetoric comparing gays and lesbians to neo-Nazis and the Klu Klux Klan. Supporting exhibits cited in the affidavit can be found here: